The Mowgli’s West Coast Tour Recap

Friday, June 3, 2016

Lions and tigers and Mowgli’s, oh my! ....or something like that. I am currently writing this on two hours of sleep but I would gladly live in this zombie-like state forever if it meant reliving last night every night. Most of you know I am a huge music fanatic so my night was spent at another concert.. big surprise. 
No, this wasn't some theater performance of the Jungle Book. The Mowgli’s are an alternative rock band from Los Angeles; you might know them from some of their hits like San Francisco, or Say it, Just Say it. They got their start in 2010, releasing songs and performing shows wherever the could all around Venice Beach. These guys sure know how to entertain a crowd; lets dive in, shall we?
We got to the venue around 8:30pm and instantly ran into Colin Dieden outside, so things were off to a pretty good start. One thing I love about The Crocodile is how small the venue is. With a max capacity of just above 500, things get sweaty pretty quickly but honestly there is nothing better than being jam packed in a room of people screaming lyrics together at the top of their lungs. Plus the small size makes it easier to meet the artists which is a win in itself.

The first opening act was a foursome from Kansas City called The Greeting Committee. I was instantly enthralled when they started playing. It was like punk meets indie pop. Lead singer Addie Sartino’s voice is so unique and I fucking loved it. It was like San Cisco, Last Dinosaurs, and Two Door Cinema Club had a baby. Their set was full of such great energy- from head banging to hair flipping to crowd surfing, these teenagers captivated the whole crowd. It is so refreshing to see such a raw talent in 17-18 years olds. Where can I sign up to be that cool?! If I went to high school with these guys, I would become their best friend. Seriously. That’s how awesome they were. Their setlist was compiled from their 5 song EP, It’s Not All That Bad. You might be familiar with their song, Hands Down. They played a song reminiscent to The 1975′s Change of Heart which scored major points in my book. And on a side note: bass/sax player Pierce could literally be Kevin Jonas’ twin. I don't know how else to describe their set other than fun. They were very youthful; you can tell they are newer to the industry which I think is a great thing. It’s like watching your friends sing and dance in their garage with no cares in the world. The best part was when guitarist Brandon crowd surfed, and was later introduced by Addie as the 'guy who’s ass we touched' (cue Nemo: I touched the butt!!). I also had the chance to meet Austin, the drummer, after their set and honestly it was so awkward. I’m trying to erase the humiliating memory from my brain forever because you guys.... I literally blinded him with my selfie light phone case and then barely mumbled out a coherent sentence. The pictures are awful too but I’ll probably attach them anyways just for fun (gotta laugh at yourself, right?). These kids are definitely ones to watch, I can't wait to see how their sound matures in the upcoming years!

Pom Poms were up next and can we just take a second to appreciate how insanely cool they are?! Their sound boasts a certain 50′s vibe. It reminds me of what you'd dance to at prom- think Grease meets Betty Boop. Speaking of Betty, they crooned out a song of the same title which songbird Marlene laughingly voiced was about a dog she used to have. It was very ‘Lana’ back in her Lizzy Grant days. Their whole image was the epitome of cool. From curly haired band members to Marlene decked out in an American Apparel tennis skirt and thigh high socks, it was all tied together with her messy fringe, sultry dancing, and powerful voice. It is incredibly difficult to cultivate a retro sound without sounding cheesy, but they executed it perfectly. 

I have been a massive fan of The Mowgli’s for a while now, so I was very excited to finally see them live. They definitely did themselves justice! In fact, I think they sounded better live than on their studio albums.They covered favorites like Summertime, Whatever Forever, and Shake Me Up. Their single, Freakin’ Me Out was just released back in April and that gave us a pretty good look into what to expect, and they sang two new songs to hype up the anticipation even more. They are so authentic and down to earth, the whole show was just a great time. If you’re ever in a bad mood, just put their discography on shuffle. Everything about this band embodies love and happiness. From the lyrics, to the instrumentals, to the way they interact with the crowd.. it it awe-inspiring. Having multiple people onstage at once can feel overwhelming or crowded, but they never missed a beat. No gimmicks are needed for these guys. Strong vocals, perfect harmonies, and feel-good lyrics make up their shows. They clearly are experienced performers and run like a well oiled machine. Singer Katie Jayne Earl stopped the crowd at one point and went into a speech about how she wants everyone to leave feeling better than they came in and how as a band they believe love can change the world. Some might view this as classic California hippie talk, but the crowd ate it up and they are truly being genuine about what they say and the words they sing. From there they went into I’m Good and the whole venue sang out, “I wanna see another love revolution. Find a way to be a better person. If we come together like we should, we could all be good.” The Mowgli’s exude positivity and when they sang You're Not Alone, I could feel the unity in the air. Everyone was singing, dancing, and throwing their hands up. I never wanted the night to end! An hour set is simply not long enough. This was definitely a concert I will always remember. If you have the chance to see them live, I highly highly urge you to go! There is no other band quite like The Mowgli’s.
Malia xx