5 Holiday Gifts under $15

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Hi friends! It's been so long, I've missed you all! Life has been so busy at the moment but I'm back to hopefully help you out with this crazy time of year. I've been just go go go lately, it wasn't until today when a coworker told me next weekend was Christmas and I was like wait whaaaat?! How???! Time is just flying by! I'm only a little ashamed to say I have done absolutely zero holiday shopping yet. It takes me at least twenty minutes to park at the mall, let alone shop or deal with crowds so I kept putting it off for "next weekend" until yep, you guessed it, I ran out of weekends. SO if you're like me, hopefully this will help. With secret Santa's, white elephant gift exchanges, office parties, awkward run ins with your second cousins, meeting your estranged weird hippy sister in law for the first time, or you just need a quick gift for a coworker/uncle/friend and you're on a budget... here are 5 universal gifts that will please anyone, and under $15!

1. XL Wine Glass - $9.99
Calling all wine moms! This is perfect for literally anybody. It holds 750ml of wine, which in other words equals the entire bottle. Score! An essential gift to get through awkward Christmas dinners and basically any other day of the year. Bottoms up!!

2. Mini Polariod Frames - $6
I adore these things! I have about 10 in my room. What a great way to showcase your favorite polaroids besides the basic string lights and clothespin method. With a variety of different colors, optional phrases, and glitter you can't of wrong! Plus, they're all 2 for $10 which is a pretty great deal if you ask me.

3. Personalized Journal - $13
A journal is one of my favorite gifts to receive. Whether you want to daily journal, take notes, doodle, or just need an extra notebook, it's so universal you can't go wrong! I love these constellation ones if you know who you're giving it to, but if you need a generic design this Etsy shop I found has tons of cute ones! Take a look!

4. A Favorite Book - $1-$15
Giving someone a book as a gift is so personal, I absolutely love it. I am such a book worm that I'd be so happy only receiving books lol. There is something so special about wanting someone to enjoy your favorite words as well. You can either give a popular novel you think they'd enjoy, find out their favorite book and find a signed copy or something to make it unique, or give someone your personal favorite. New is great, but I think it's cool to peak into someone's brain with their cherished, well read copy and see where they folded the pages, what quotes they underlined, etc. Pop into your local Barnes and Nobles if you're shopping new, hit up Half Price Books for used, or shop your own personal bookshelf for a special touch!

5. Saint Kanye West Prayer Candle - $14
Because who doesn't need this. It's a freakin Kanye candle!!! Genius. Pure genius.

Happy shopping my loves and may you finish your holiday shopping quickly, peacefully, and stress free!
Mal xx