Resolutions: New Year, Same Me

Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy happy new year my loves!! Hope you had an amazing holiday and welcome to 2017! 2016 was.... rough to say the least. Both in my personal life as well as globally. Everyone jokes about it, there's memes and tweets and articles galore about the awful year that was 2016. From the election, to the deaths of many stars and icons, to social justice setbacks and movements, global disasters, wars.... just to name a few. I truly do believe time is a human made concept but hey, the new year makes us feel a little more in control of time and it's passing so I'll let it slide and join the cult movement that is making resolutions. Resolutions are something I think everyone has made at least once in their lifetime, even if they deny it because they're "too cool" ....whatever that means. New year, new me right? Everyone's got their goal, things they hope to achieve on this fresh slate of 365 days, and here are some of mine.

1. Live a healthier lifestyle
I consider myself to be pretty healthy. I follow a vegetarian diet, I work out 3x a week, I drink an excess amount of water, etc but I want to make some more smaller changes to improve on that. One of the big things I want to do is to switch from vegetarian to full on vegan. I don't drink milk and consume a very very small amount of dairy but going vegan is definitely my main goal in these next 12 months. I'd also like to reduce my sugar intake and take up running. Aside from the whole diet and exercise crap (lose 10 pounds blah blah, isn't that everyones goal?) I also want to live in a more positive mindset for improvement in my overall mental and physical health.

2. Explore more
Travel, travel, travel. Everyone talks about it, but few do it. I think I'm part of that first category but hopefully not for much longer. I'm not talking crazy world traveling, different cities every night and globe trotting or anything like that; (but hey, if someone wants to fly me around- I'm in!) but I do want to get out more. Even just a few road trips would be fine. Eventually, one of the bigger things on my bucket list is to volunteer for Habitats for Humanity and go to Kenya or some third world country and build houses and orphanages. One day, I definitely will, and who knows- maybe this year?

3. Move out
Towards the later end of 2016 I started a new job that I am so so happy about it. It is not only an amazing company, but it's a career- not just a job. I also am so excited to say the company we started a few months ago has done surprisingly well. I don't want to jinx anything, but I'm so happy with where my career is headed and am on the track to financial stability so I am very optimistic about the prospects of finally moving out. Anyone need a roomie??

4. Learn to let go
This is a big one for me. I hold on to people and memories so tightly because I become so emotionally attached to the ideas and romanticizations of them I create in my head. Last year, I suffered the greatest heartbreak I have yet to experience and it feels as if I will carry that weight around forever. Both romantically and platonically, I need to learn to let go and move on. Friends can absolutely break your heart too. Goodbye and good riddance is the new motto to all the toxic people in my life.

5. Join the K club
This is a bit of a fun one just to round it all out. I think it would be aaaamazing to reach 10k followers by the end of the year! Of course, followers aren't everything. My dad always hits me with his inspirational quotes when we're in the car together and you don't know how many times I've heard, "followers are like monopoly money." I know this, but still it'd be kinda cool :)

Welp, these are just some of the goals I have for myself this year. You can change your life at any given moment of everyday, but I think it's kind of fun to join in on the whole New Years thing. Now let's see how many of these I actually stick to.....
M x


  1. Alyssa12:48 AM

    I want ot do h4h too! Ive done a few mission trips with my church but what an amazing experience that'd be!

    1. That's awesome!! It would the most amazing experience. I actually started looking into it last year but didn't have a passport at the time (or a job lol). There are some in the states which would make my mom a lot less worried about me but I definitely want to go abroad.

  2. Lydia N.12:52 AM

    Happy new year!! Any tips on becoming a vegetarian? Thats my main rest, but I'm 16 living at home so my parents aren't too keen on vegan yet but I could sway em on veg prob x

    1. I think I was 17, just about 18 when I switched to vegetarian. I become in in July of 2015 and haven't looked back since. It was really easy for me because I was not a meat eater really at all so I just cut it out completely. My mom was super cool about it and even started lowering her intake (although she still isn't a veg). My dad was a little bit worse at first- always saying how its unhealthy blah blah and you need protein BUT it you are smart and educate yourself on how to transition healthily and still get all the proper nutrients and everything you need, you'll be fine and your parents will see you really know what you're doing