Album Review: The Greeting Committee 'Meeting People is Easy'

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hello hello my gorgeous people. It is a rainy Wednesday night and I am watching Akela make pancakes and listening to the haunting voice of Addie Sartino overtake me. So I decided to write about it.

The Greeting Committee are a four piece made up of high school besties from Kansas City. You might recognize the name if you've been following me. Remember that humiliating day when I blinded drummer Austin with my selfie phone case and then ran off?? I didn't even say hi or good job. Nope, just blinded him, took an AWFUL photo, and booked it. Not my best moment. I was first introduced to them last June when they opened for The Mowgli's (read that here) and was instantly a fan. Consisting of members Addie Sartino, Austin Fraser, Pierce Turcotte, and Brandon Yangmi, these kids are making waves and moving mountains in the music world. With their unique sound and youthful energy, I knew big things were in store; and they've proved themselves worthy of endless applause with their newest EP 'Meeting People is Easy.'

as artists and humans know, the truth seems to come in layers. I have picked mine raw,
something I had yet to do until now. 'Elise' was written in an hour with every line honest. Our
love is a blanket fort of secrets kept private, but that doesn't keep me from waking up every
morning, excited to tell strangers how in love with her I am. Days before the song was written, she asked me
how John Lennon could name songs after Yoko Ono. The answer seemed so obvious to me because I felt it
every time I looked at her- love. And maybe that's all John Lennon and I will ever have in common, but I'll
take my place any day because it's next to Elise.

ELISE: Okay, first thing's first. We HAVE to talk about their single Elise because it makes me want to sob. The world does not deserve Addie's poetic love. IT IS TOO PURE! Written about her girlfriend- yes, you guessed it, Elise- the song will make you cry harder than any rom com could ever. It opens up with, "I couldn't count every freckle, I couldn't count every line you've rolled your eyes over at me for;" and with it's stripped back vocals and acoustic vibes, it's so simple a ballad filled with beautiful prose. She croons out, "I'm losing sleep. Oh, how could I ever close my eyes when your brown (good days green) are right next to me? // If love makes you stupid, you're making me the biggest fool you'll ever find." I don't know why I'm crying in the club right now!! Did I mention she wrote this in an hour? Sixty small minutes. Addie Sartino, you are the next greatest songwriter of this generation and I need you to sing this for me at my wedding. This orrrr Hands Down. I am in love.

Alright, now I'm done crying over that and ready to cry over six more songs. Grab the tissues!

Velveteen: This beauty is three minutes of some badass instrumentals. It's the track that should play during the opening monologue of an indie film. I imagine some cool, vintage, 70s chick dancing around in a field of poppies and sunflowers, magic in her eyes yet suspense laced in the air. But there's power to it as it builds up in anticipation. Instrumental openings are a bold move, especially as a newer artist. It can either be well received or make you go "ummm wtf is this???" But The Greeting Committee are anything but amateur, and what a perfect lead in to the rest of the EP this was.

Naive: You're so naive, yet so.... just kidding, this isn't The Kooks. Although with their heavenly indie vibes, they aren't so far behind. First off, the guitar on this track is unreal. I am in love with how this makes me feel. Is "Summer-y" a genre? The buildup of the beat in the first 30 seconds just makes me want to head bang the fuck out this song before it smoothly transitions into the perfect consonance of lyrics and instrumental breaks. A hard hitting jam, we have an abrupt stop at the final 30 second mark, followed by a slowed outro in true TGC fashion.

She's A Gun: "She's gonna kill me, she's got a gun behind her back // My baby's got a gun. I'm in love" Calling all girl gangs out there, this one is for you. Kickass beats meet powerhouse vocals, and let's appreciate that "she" is the weapon. Luc Muollet was right, a girl really is a gun.

Someone Else: I knew I wasn't crazy when I thought these guys covered a The 1975 song at the show in June. No, it isn't a Somebody Else remake, though it is a bit reminiscent of Change of Heart- the first line being, "For God's sake, I didn't know you'd be so cold to me. Well, I guess my heart fell asleep as I undressed with someone else." However, only the opening is comparable- the rest is uniquely it's own; and Matt Healy inspired or not, this is a banger and my favorite on the album. Loved it when I first heard it nearly a year ago, and love the finished project even more. Genius Addie strikes again with lines like, "Maybe you didn't mean it, but when a dog bites, sorry won't stop the bleeding."

Dancing To Nothing At All: We bring things down with track number five. The sickest guitar backing kicks in again here. One of the things I absolutely praise and adore these guys for is their ability to give each member a chance to glow. Whether it be bass, drums, or even saxophone, everything shines through. And man oh man that sax. So ethereal. "If you're gonna love someone, let it be me" me, I do, I do, and it is you.

BBC: Not sure what BBC means but all I know is I need this song in my life and so do you. A mesmerizing collision of vocals and beats. The whole EP is so cohesive, it's astounding. A great ending to an even better album.

I just want to say bless The Mowgli's for introducing a little more KC into my life. Why is it so impossible for me to pick one word to describe the magic that is The Greeting Committee and their ethereal sound. You know the kind of music that makes you so happy, a little nostalgic, and craving summer nights around a beach bonfire? It's kind of like that. The one thing I absolutely loved about these guys when I first heard them live was how RAW they are. I am so drawn to those underground, indie, after class garage band practice vibes and they exude all that and more. I am a moth to their flame. So damn good, man. So. Good. Move over Radiohead, it's The Greeting Committee who prove Meeting People is Easy.

Until next time,
Malia x

PS: to TGC, if you're reading this and find yourself in Seattle again, let's hang! Would love to pick your brains. Coffee's on me!

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    Came here through the greeting committee's twitter. Awesome review!Congrats on the tweet!

  2. Thank you so much for the sweet write up. This makes waking up a lot easier.

    1. s/o to whoever for linking to their tweet. So rad! xx