Scottsdale Staycation: Arizona Travel Diary

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Arizona? In the dead of August? Are you crazy? Alright, so maybe it wasn't exactly a staycation; but a 2 hour flight found me stepping off into the desert. Welcome to the wild wild west! My birthday was on the 6th (21 woohoo!!) so I decided to book Akela and I a quick getaway to AZ. I also sort of booked this as a pity thing/make my life seem fun after I got fired..... but that's a story for another time. 
ANYWAY..... Arizona treated us nicely. Temps were 100+ everyday but with such dry heat, AC, and pool access it was a breeze. Washington felt hotter with their 'cool' 80's. Sweaty in Seattle am I right?! Our flight was easy, breezy and we had a cute flight attendant named Alex who was going to be on Naked and Afraid haha! We stayed at a cute little place called The Saguaro. With locations in Scottsdale and Palm Springs and colorful walls galore, this is where all the bloggers and youngins seem to flock. It had a motel vibe- the lobby was in a separate building across the street, and all the rooms were in outside halls. I'll admit it did seem a little sketchy at times. We stayed Monday-Wednesday, and not to mention in August, so the place was dead empty. They certainly make it seem more glamorous online but it did the job. We did spot some creepy bugs though which is the only bad thing I have to say about Arizona.

Until we meet again Scottsdale,,,
Malia x 

looking down on the clooouuuuuuudddsssssss

every hotel room is a different color

hotel entrance... definitely in the desert

aint no party like a Liz Lemon party! Wearing Motel Rocks

So many colored doors! Wearing Bossy from Peppermayo

More door pics..... and a horrendous tan line

I cannot tell you how many time I have fallen off a hammock

Waiting for room service in robes... living our best lives

The cutest old fashioned ice cream shop!!

Akela ft the yummiest sundae evaaaa

night walks through the hotel 

omg we get it, there's colored doors

wearing Billabong

so much pink in AZ!!

now that's a nice bowl

wearing Sabo Skirt

empty streets through old town Scottsdale 

akela ft morning coffee

pool numero uno. Always to ourselves :)

"act natural"

spot the prick

pretty hotel flowers

when you try to be artsy but just end up basic.... pool shot bro

pool numba 2
hotel view

you know what they say, you are what you float on

the coolest couch. I want to steal it for my house

How bright is the hotel lobby?!

coming home!!