9-5 Boss Babe

Saturday, September 16, 2017

I've been loving trousers lately. I've never worked a traditional M-F 9-5 job so whenever I wear a nice blouse or some trousers, I feel like such a powerful woman with a corner office and city view... I love it ha!!

This isn't super professional or anything like that, but it's so easy to look cute while still being comfortable and sleek at work. Trousers are hard to shop for (for me anyways) because they usually run too big, and if you're short like me, long. These babies are from Missguided. They are a pale white color- almost look nude or pink tinted in certain lighting, so they are really versatile and easy to style! Throw on a blouse, a cropped sweater, a dressy top, or even a t-shirt! I stuck with ankle boots but you can class it up with some heels and a blazer. Easy peasy.

Mal :)

Sunglasses: Quay Australia
Pants: Missguided
Shoes: ASOS
Purse: Kate Spade