Hello my loves!

Heymalia was created as a safe space to talk about anything and everything! Fueled by my love of shoes, concerts, and baking I decided to create this blog as a place to cultivate all my thoughts and ramblings. Whether it be recipes, fitness, book reviews, ootds, travel guides, or world issues- I'm going to tackle it all!

I am a lover of all things fashion and beauty, an avid book reader, coffee drinker, dog lover. I believe there isn't anything a rainy day and Gilmore Girls can't fix. Avocado toast and milkshakes are always the answer. Plane tickets, rocky road ice cream, and yummy vegan foods keep me hopelessly optimistic, and Cody Simpson is my dream man... lol

I own a salon with my twin sister- I am a master lash artist and she does microblading! If I'm not working, I'm constantly editing pictures, looking at pictures for inspo, dreaming of lashes, online shopping.... my world revolves around lashes and fashion!!

My ideal weekend is filled with puzzles, Netflix, clean sheets, and brownies in the oven. Yep, I'm a 21 year old grandma and proud (ha ha)

Welcome to my weird, crazy, awkward world! Hope you stay awhile....